Gas Leak Repair

The use of gas lines in our homes is uncountable. For example, the gas powers up the stoves, water heaters, warms up our homes, ensuring total comfort throughout the year. However, the gas might have all these advantages but becomes lethal when not properly handled.

Continuous use of gas has a corrosive effect on the gas lines, thus creating leaks and breaks. Our team of professionals at Canyon Sewer & Septic are highly experienced and can easily detect and fix the leaks, ensuring complete safety to the users.

There are three main indications of a gas leak, which include hissing sound, smell, and appearance.

Signs of gas leaks may include:


The first step to check for a gas leak in your home is through listening. There is always the sound of hissing whenever your gas experiences leaks. Banging and cracking sounds from the gas line is another clear indicator of leaking gas.

Pungent Smell

The smell of a rotten egg in your home is a clear indicator of a gas leak. Calling a plumbing company for repairs in the presence of a pungent smell in your home should be conducted immediately. Sulfur is purposefully mixed with gas lines with this specific task.


Constantly checking where your gas line passes through is another effective way of confirming a gas leak. Gas leak repair is paramount if the gas line passes near plantations. You will notice some changes in the appearance of the plants. They may change color from green to yellow or even start dying out slowly.

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When do you need Gas Leak Repair Services?

The three mentioned above are the most common signs of a gas leak. However, other factors such as unexplainable fatigue any time you are in your house, constant headaches, and light-headedness are also effective indicators of gas leaks. If you constantly experience any of these symptoms, it is advisable to take action. Always switching off your meter from the main and reporting the incident to the concerned plumbing company need to be the first safety steps.

What to Do When There is a Gas Leak

Open your windows, allow fresh air to come in when there is some odor, and make sure the pilot light is switched off. After doing that, contact your local gas company for further instructions. If the smell in your house is too strong, rush out of the house to a safe distance. A powerful gas smell can be a clear indication of an explosion.

Leading Contributors of Gas Leaks

Establishing the leading cause of a gas leak is the duty of a professional. However, an appliance in our home that is not well put in place can contribute to gas leaks. Old and rusting underground pipes is another contributor to gas leaks in our homes.

Other factors such as big trees near our homes with massive roots and old structures such as roads and houses are also leading causes of home gas leaks. There are reported cases of an earthquake destroying gas pipes due to high levels of tremor. It is, however, advisable not to wait until a natural disaster strikes. Contact a plumbing company with highly experienced workers to fix your home with an automatic earthquake shutoff system in case of a tremor.

Gas Equipment We Take Care Of

Most of the time, gas leaks do not come from the source but from what is connected. If this is the case, we can fix any form of equipment such as:


The furnace can be a ticking time bomb if not adequately managed. It may leak harmful gases such as carbon monoxide or, in some extreme circumstances, explode. The most common sign of a furnace gas leak is the smell of Sulphur. If the scent is too strong, then that means the leak is high. Switch off the furnace and call for help at a safe distance.


It is common for gas drying machines to emit some smell when switched on. However, if the scent lingers around much longer while getting stronger, it is time to check on your gas connection. A wrongly fixed igniter can be the main reason for the leak. Another example of a gas leak from your dryer is the smell felt in your clothes after passing them in the dryer.


Jacuzzi, spa and even hot tubs that operate from gas may experience accidents, especially where the gas gets connected to the heater. When not adequately monitored, the relaxing pool can quickly turn into a disaster.


When you sense the smell of gas while using the fireplace, contact Canyon Sewer & Septic right away and move your family to a safer place. Poor gas pipe installation, lousy ventilation or broken gas lines are the leading causes of gas leaks at your fireplace. Blocked chimneys can also lead to gas buildup in your house.


Detecting gas leaks is relatively easy, especially if there is a rotten egg smell in your house whenever you switch the stove on. The slightest spark can cause an explosion. However, the sense of a gas leak by smell is not always effective. High gas bills with too much soot on your stove are clear indicators of gas leaks too.

Detecting Gas Leaks

It is not easy to tell what causes gas leaks, so it is relevant to have the assistance of a professional to check the problem. Gas leak repair should be a top priority to the users. At Canyon Sewer & Septic, we have tools that efficiently fix anything related to gas, from clearing gas lines to replacing them.

For example, to quickly detect a gas leak, a water test on the pipes is done. Suppose the tube forms water bubbles; this is a clear indication of a gas leak. We have sophisticated equipment that shows where the problem is located, the level of gas leakage, and the exact kind of gas.

Clear Storm Drainage Systems and Clear Sanitary Sewer Lines

At Canyon Sewer & Septic our team members have many years of experience with the best training, ensuring they deliver what we promise. They are well equipped to correct your gas leak in the shortest period. Our priority is the safety of our clients, and we always make sure to fix the problems causing gas leaks in your home.

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