Copper Re-Pipes

Copper pipes are the most trusted means of plumbing within a building or home. Whether you have a leak, want to prevent issues with old plumbing, or are renovating your home, copper pipes are the most reliable plumbing solution.

Old galvanized pipes can corrode with time, and replacing them will have tremendous cost and health benefits. Replacing old water lines will save you from countless problems down the road.

Even “pinhole” leaks and inferior plumbing will be a thing of the past. Your repipe may eliminate any future costly plumbing headaches for years to come. Copper repipes also add to the resale value of your home, a huge advantage when putting your house on the market.

It may help you avoid recurring plumbing bills. Canyon Sewer & Septic offers fast, reliable, cost-effective repiping services. We perform copper repipes in California on a regular basis.

Plumbing Leaks

Over the course of time, aging plumbing pipes eventually develop corrosion and leaks. Repipes solve this problem.

Water Color & Quality

The sediment encrusted within aging plumbing pipes can water to appear dirty. For health and aesthetic purposes, re-piping is the solution.

Replace Defective Pipe

During the 1970s, many builders installed inexpensive polybutylene pipes in plumbing systems. As these pipes age, they need to be replaced for health, safety, and to prevent future plumbing failures.

Water Pressure Problems

As crusting develops inside aging plumbing pipes, the space available to transport water gradually decreases. Repipes can resolve some of these concerns.

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Does Your Home Need Copper Repipe Services?

Performing a whole house copper repiping requires the services of a licensed plumbing contractor. It makes sense to choose an experienced, fully licensed (and insured) company like Canyon Sewer & Septic for this project. A single repipe mistake may prove very expensive to correct.

If you’ve experienced plumbing issues in the past, it may be time to replace your pipes:

  • A dramatic drop in water pressure
  • Tap water discoloration
  • Foul odor coming from the tap
  • Plumbing leaks

Before a full repipe, we will test to determine if your plumbing problems are being caused by corroding pipes and make recommendations on whether it is time for copper repiping.

If you experienced some of these issues, it’s most likely time for you to replace your old water pipes with new copper pipes. These signs could also lead to hidden leaks, causing expensive repairs and even mold or mildew within walls.

If your home has galvanized pipes, you will probably experience some of these plumbing issues in the future. As galvanized pipes age, rust can build up causing the inside diameter of the pipe to close off, and cause corrosion that will result in leaks.

Upgrade to Copper Pipes. Sometimes homeowners request repipes simply to extend the useful anticipated lifespan of a home's plumbing system. Every type of pipe eventually wears out. Copper pipes may remain in good condition for 80 years, or more. By replacing the aging pipe with brand new copper pipe, a property owner usually improves the real estate.

Select a Trusted Los Angeles Plumber

Our technicians frequently perform copper repipes, so we possess familiarity with this process. Our customers know we'll work as quickly as possible. We strive to minimize any inconvenience they experience during whole-house repiping.

We Offer Affordable Service

Over the long term, copper repipes tend to represent a very smart investment. Copper remains an ideal metal for use in plumbing pipes. It withstands a variety of harsh environments. Copper surfaces also transport water safely, without interior corrosion for many years. Best of all, long-lasting copper pipes potentially offer decades of useful service in home plumbing systems.

If residential plumbing pipes leak repeatedly, the frequency of repair bills may warrant the performance of whole-house repiping. It proves frustrating indeed to ask a plumber to fix a leak in one location, only to have another site begin leaking just a few weeks or months later. Whole house copper repipes frequently assist homeowners in avoiding an expensive cycle of repetitive leaky pipe repair bills. This project may finally stop worrisome age-related pipe damage.

How Much Will Your Home Repiping Cost in Los Angeles County?

The expenses associated with home plumbing repipes vary, based upon a number of considerations. For example, one of the most important factors involves the size of the plumbing system. It usually proves less expensive to replace pipe in a small home than a large multi-level mansion.

Other factors may also enter into the pricing process. Canyon Sewer & Septic welcomes the opportunity to provide a free, no-obligation price estimate for this type of project. In some cases, customers request partial repiping to gradually replace their plumbing pipes in a series of phases. This process requires more service visits, so it does not necessarily save money over the course of repiping compared with whole-house repipes.

Copper Repipes And Other Options

Our company offers top-quality copper repipes. We serve customers across Los Angeles County. You can count on our expertise whenever we undertake this important project.

Ask us to perform a partial or a whole house copper repipe to stop a recurring cycle of plumbing leaks and repairs.

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